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What is Valentine’s Day All About?

Valentine’s Day is just like a festival that the entire world celebrates to mark love, and relationship. It is celebrated on 14th February every year by couples and is also called as the Day of Romance. On this day, women and men exchange lovely presents, send messages of love, and express their feelings for each other. Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine to mark his death anniversary, which is said to have happened in 270 AD. Saint Valentine is a Catholic Priest who served during the 3rd century.

Different stories are said about St. Valentine since then that continue till date. It was said that Emperor Claudius II made strict laws at the time when Romans were converting to Christianity. He passed a law that the soldiers of Rome should be devoted to Rome and banned marriage. This is the time when St. Valentine started marrying the Roman soldiers secretly and became popular for he believed in the importance of love and relationships.

St. Valentine was jailed and even sentenced to death when the Emperor found out his crimes. There are also legends that when in prison, he cured the blindness of a jailor’s daughter. It is said that before he was executed, he sent a letter to that girl with love and signed it “from your valentine.”

Symbols Associated With Valentine’s Day:

Different symbols are associated with this festival of Valentine’s Day. These symbols have been largely used ever since people started celebrating this occasion. There is a different and interesting story for each symbol. Some of the popular symbols include:


Heart is considered as the centre of all emotions and feelings. Gifting something in the shape of heart signifies the act of selflessness towards the person with whom you are in love.


Cupid means desire in Latin. As per the mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, love and affection. He is represented as a cute boy with wings and a mischievous smile. The boy also carries a bow with arrows, which are used for transfixing the hearts of young men and women.


Since time immemorial, roses have been the main symbol of love. These not only represent love but also the people in love. A single red rose stands for love, while a dozen of them are a sign of gratitude.

Doves and Love Birds:

Pigeons and doves are known to mate for life. Even love birds become close with each other and hardly live without its partner. As a result, all these birds stand for love, fidelity, and loyalty.

Ribbons and Laces:

Laces and ribbons used to be the presents given to knights by their lady love when going to a battle. These have been signified for love and romance since ages.


Rebus in simple terms is a romantic verse that people used to write with ink. Usually these verses have some omitted words and also illustrated with a picture. These are also like riddles that are hard to decode.

Nowadays, instead of sending Rebus and other puzzles, people are sending love messages in the form of special cards and expressing their feelings to the other. These cards are creatively made that contain emotional and love verses, thus proclaiming their love for the receiver.

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Couples eagerly wait for the Valentine’s Day to celebrate it with their beloved and make some good memories. Besides making special plans and spending time together, couples exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with each other and give them a surprise of their life. So, here are some of the best gift ideas that you can choose for your special someone.

Gifts for Her:

1) Heart Gift Basket:

A beautiful gift basket made in the shape of a heart is one present that your lady would love to receive. Fill the basket with lovely things like soft toys, key chains, jewellery sets, wrist watches, chocolates and anything that is in the shape of heart.

2) Jewellery Box:

Jewellery is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can give to your lady love. Choose any piece of jewellery, which is the favourite of your girl or select a complete set. Go for something that is colourful and has beautiful stones embedded into it.

3) Surprise Date:

Surprise your beloved by taking her to a surprise date. Plan something special like a romantic candle light dinner at the beach side or any popular place that is less crowded.

4) Cosmetics:

Cosmetics or beauty products are a must have for almost every woman. So, you can buy a set of branded products, pack it beautifully, and present to her.

5) Greeting Cards:

Valentine’s Day Cards are the simple and best gifts for her. These cards come in special themes, and designs. There are also customized cards available, which you can get online. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular occasion during which, more than 150 million cards are exchanged every year.

Gifts for Him:

1) Gadgets:

The ideals gifts that you can give your man on Valentine’s Day are the latest gadgets. A variety of advanced gadgets are available these days like smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, game boxes or hi-tech gear etc. Choose any of these, customize them with a picture or personal message and gift him.

2) Short Vacation or a Date:

This plan of a date or a short vacation works the best for men too. Book tickets for you and your guy to an exotic locale. Plan a romantic dinner with music in the background if possible. You are sure to impress your man with this surprise.

3) Personal Grooming Kit:

A grooming kit will be a good idea if your man is very specific about personal hygiene. Go for a popular brand and choose a kit including necessary items like shaving, hair care, skin care and personal care products.

4) Apparels:

If your guy has an eye for specific clothing brands, then just go out and buy clothes for him as Valentine’s Day gift. Choose them based on his interest and taste, and if you have no idea about his choices, take him along with you and shop for him.

5) Customized Perfume Bottle:

On this Valentine’s Day, gift your beloved a bottle or a set of his favourite fragrance. Choose a perfume bottle from a brand that he loves and personalize it with his initials, name or a romantic love message.