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Which type of Ganesha Idols You should buy via online?

Spiritual knowledge is must for all humans as this gives us a push to be good and do well. As Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner, we have decided to impart some knowledge and items about Lord Ganesh. If you want to purchase Ganesh Idols For Home or Ganpati gift Items for your loved ones, then this write-up is going to help you a lot. We will tell you the variations that exist in Lord Ganesha’s idol and what all they signify. This will also help you decide which type of totem one should buy.

First and foremost, there are two postures of Lord Ganesha which is popular in Hindu mythology. One is lotus posture called ‘Padmasan’ and second one is dance posture called ‘nrutyamudra’. If you google these specific words saying Ganesh idol online  Purchase for Ganesh Chaturthi, there are many sites where you can get both of these postured idols easily.

The second type of Ganesh’s totem which bears a huge significance is ‘Mundjata Ganesh’. This idol is beheaded sculpture of Ganesha. In Hindu mythology, people do not worship this idol on a daily basis but there are some special occasions when this idol is worshipped. There is a famous story of Lord Shiva beheading Lord Ganesha and later fixing Elephant’s head on the human body which is today known as Ganesha.  Even this Ganesh idol on online purchase is available at many sites.

There are also specific forms of Ganesha. One of the most popular ones is the feminine form. This form also has three divisions.

Ganeshwari Form: This form is very beautiful and in India, there a temple called Sundaram in Tamil Nadu where this enigmatic idol is sculpted. People from all around the world come to Tamil Nadu just to see this idol.

Ganeshani: This is the female form of Lord Ganesha. There are rare places where one can get this idol. Only in a handful places, in India, this idol is worshipped.

Ardha Ganeshwari: This form of Ganesh is worshipped ‘Tantra’ path of spiritual practice.

Other than the above-mentioned form of Ganesha idols, there are many others like Suryaganapati, Lakshiganapati, Balaganapati, Soumyaganati and many others. These days Ganesh Murti online purchase is very popular and you can get the above-mentioned forms of idols easily.

Parts Of The Idols

If you are residing n Hyderabad and looking for Ganesh Chaturthi gifts in Hyderabad , then it is just not the Ganesha’s totem that you can buy. There are parts of Ganesha’s idol that are also separately available for purchase. Here we give you a brief about them.

Modak: Modak means a small portion. This is a coconut shaped part which signifies the small art of ‘Anand’. ‘Anand’ means happiness.

Ankush: It is a small weapon which is signified to be the destroyer of the negative and harmful energies, especially those which are a hindrance in the path of attaining spiritual knowledge.

Mouse: Mouse totally signals that even the king is ruled under the power of the Lord Ganesha.


Pash: Pash is actually a string. This signifies that Lord Ganesha will tie the noose around negative energies and entities and will take them away.