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Everything you should know about friendship day and related Gifts

To celebrate a day with friends is what is normally called as a friendships day. But do you really know the history behind this day? Are you aware that when is this day celebrated in particular?

In general if I ask you that what friendships day is, you’d simply answer that it is a day for friends and family. You might have been a little surprised if this question was put up to you almost two decades back – when is this day celebrated? Then there would literally have been a question mark.

But all thanks to the media and news and newspapers and messages and texts that we are now able to actually dedicate this day on a particular day. We all need a reason to celebrate and be happy – and this is one day that is celebrated by all worldwide.

Friendship day gifts and celebration

The gift shops and the florists are all decked up for this day. Preparations begin a week prior. People, students and all begin collecting gifts for their friends a week in advance. Once you are out in the market, you will notice many gifting ideas as per your budget and requirements.

Some people also send special gifting items for their old friends. Friendship’s day handmade gifts are also gaining high popularity amongst the masses. Students love to collect various collectibles for their friends for all old time sake.

Even if friends are not able to catch up on this day, they send friendship day quotes to express their love towards each other.

The Best Friendship Day Quotes are:

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.”

“one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendhip is to understand and to be understood.”

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”

It is celebrated on the first of Sunday every August, every year. However, if we go by the records, world’s first friendship day was proposed on the 30th of July in 1958. Since then it has been celebrated all across the globe. Normally it is now celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

This is a day for celebrating friendship – new friends, old friends and best friends, all celebrate this day graciously by spreading love and hugs.

On this very special day, friends exchange friendships day gifts to each other. They show and express their immense love and gratitude towards each other.

This year (2018) the friendship’s day date will be 9th August as per Indian calendar. In India and many other countries, the day is celebrated on first Sunday of the eight month every year.

Social networking sites show the importance of this day. Though this is just like any other day, yet there are texts messages and mails and greetings cards flooded in the market unlike any regular day. There are many friendship day gifts ideas handmade if you want to give some emotional touch.

Also unlike any other day, friends buy gifts and send gifts to their friends and best friends. Initially the market and the industry were flooded by greeting cards but this has been replaced with gifts and friendship bands and whatsapp status and facebook messages.

Nothing is complete without a surprise gift for couples. Friendship day gifts for best friends and friendships day gifts for girlfriends and boyfriends are available in the market. These gifts are sent by courier as well to places – if you are not able to meet up or catch up.

This commercialization has led to the market gimmick coming as a popular thing. People buy and send gifts on this very day. Normally this does not happen on any other day.

The friendship day date 2018 promotes love and fellowship amongst all the people across nation, across world. I personally wish that each day was celebrated just like Friendships Day that would have made this world a better place.