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Top Christmas gift ideas for friends

Friends are our soul mates who always stand by us when we laugh and cry in our good and bad time. They play important role in our life, they tell us when we look stupid and when we look cool. We can’t imagine life without them. It’s time to celebrate Christmas and you want to give a gift for your special and best friend, but you are confused about what gift you should give them.

So, here are some best Christmas gift ideas 2018 are given below and you can consider this and give a perfect gift him or her.

Photo Frame:

For this, you should purchase an over sized frame and fill it with yours all wonderful memories. If you cannot make it yourself, then order it at a nearby store or shop. You can add the message which you want to write. You can also buy it from online.

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Infinity Bracelet:

You can purchase this Infinity bracelet for your best friend. It has a simple design which your friend can flaunt on regular days. If you want to make it even more special, try making this bracelet yourself. If it is difficult to make it on your own, then you can go on a ready made bracelet that gives your personal touch.

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The DIY Coupons:

These days this is one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for friends. These are handmade coupons that allow your best friend for redeeming whenever she requires that. You can also include many funny ideas like free haircut and coffee at Starbucks.

The Natural collections by design your own fragrance:

This package contains 6 perfume blends and its cost approx at $50, by which your friend can use to create a unique perfume for herself. Besides, this kit contains an easy to follow guide so that you can use it easily. It also contains, Christmas candles, scent strips, table atomizer and pipettes so that your friend create her own favorite perfume.

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Personalized Reasons In Dairy:

It is a very different way from which you can tell your friend why she or he is so mean for you and why he or she is so wonderful. By this, you can write your feelings and tell them how they have been through their thick and thin.


You can also offer unique Christmas cakes on this Christmas day. You can buy Christmas cakes in Hyderabad via online stores.

Planter making kit:

If your friend has interest in painting and he or she is a nature lover, then you can gift them this kit and he or she will receive this concrete planter making kit so they will feel happy. This kit includes everything that required for making a personalized dipped concrete planter, such as stirring sticks, pot moulds, paintbrush, quick-setting concrete, copper paint and many more. So, these Christmas gift ideas for him will be best.

Wireless speaker:

If your friend is a music lover then you can gift them this speaker. As this is not an ordinary speaker. By this, you just need to place your mp3 in your smartphone to and touch it. It will play your favorite music for a maximum of 10 hours.

These are some unique and best ideas that you can consider and give a gift on this Christmas. The  best gift is cake so buy Christmas cake online from us.