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How Holi is Celebrated in India?

Holi, which falls at the end of February or in the early March, is popular as the festival of colours. It is celebrated to welcome the Spring season or Phalgum Purnima. It is celebrated across the country and even outside India by both Hindus and non-Hindus also. Holi is not just a festival that strengthens relationships and encourages unity among people, but it also stands for the victory of good over evil. On this occasion, everyone greet each other and convey wishes. Besides cooking the special dishes and treating themselves, people also send lovely presents to dear ones and add to the happiness. Then again, it is not just limited to gift presentation; people are even cutting cakes and celebrating the festival. Online cake delivery services are of great use, which provide desirable cakes right to our doorstep. As everyone remains occupied on this day, online cake shops become a reliable option for buying cakes as and when required.

With high spirit and feeling of togetherness, people celebrate Holi in a special and unique way. As for the festival preparations, it begins a few days ahead only. In every street and corner, you can find vendors selling Holi colours, water balloons, and pichkaris or water guns. People dress themselves in complete white on this day and get on with playing Holi. They sprinkle colours on each other and drench in the coloured water using pichkaris. Bright colours such as gulal and abeer are filled in the air. Some also play dholak (hand drum); sing songs and even dance to the music, which are all the special delight of that day. On the occasion of Holi, people also put up bonfire and celebrate. This event is called as Holika Dahan. People from all parts of India follow this tradition and offer prayers to Agni, the Fire God. Consumption of Bhang is another highlight of the Holi festival. This drink, which is highly intoxicating in nature, is specially made on the Holi to add to the spirit of celebrations. Taking this drink in limited quantity will help enhance the excitement. In the evening, after playing with colours and drinking bhang, people gather or reach out to their friends and relatives to give festival wishes. They exchange warm greetings by presenting attractive gifts to one another. They distribute sweets, special dishes and even cut cakes that are specially made for the occasion. Getting a cake for Holi is no longer a tough job as you can order it online by specifying the design or theme of your choice. Getting a customized cake is one of the best things you can do as part of Holi celebrations.