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Dusshera Celebration 2017: Give your family a grand treat of taste and tradition

Dussera or Vijayadashami is called the festival joy and victory. It symbolizes the power of justice for destroying evil. According to Indian mythology, in ancient day Raja Ram had killed Ravana on this day and reestablished justice and ethics over odds, oppression, and tyranny of Ravana Raja who forcefully abducted Maa Sita. Till date Dussehra celebrations are arranged to remember the victory of good over bad, justice over injustice, and liberation over tyrannical oppression.

How Dussera is celebrated?

During 2017, Dussera will be celebrated all over the nation on 29th September and following tradition, oversized statues of Ravana, Kumbhkarna, brother of Ravana, and Meghnad, his son are placed in vast open ground and people shoot arrows on these statuses with firecrackers. In some places the drama of Ram-Leela is organized where Ram, Seeta, and Laxman’s mythological story is acted with traditional and devotional integrity, etc.

People distribute sweets and cakes to all his relatives to celebrate the ambiance of these festive days. Relatives from other places come to join each other in enjoying a festive mood together. Dussera is celebrated all over India with peace and integrity. Although it is a Hindu festival, but people from all religions and caste celebrate the auspicious Dussera with fullest integrity and - dussehra

What foods are prepared?

Mostly sweets, muffins, and plum-cakes are prepared for celebrating the occasion of Dussera. Once upon a time it was the time when ladies from almost all houses used to cook different sweet desserts to celebrate the ambiance and greet the vibes of Dussera. In north India, dry sweets are mostly prepared while in Bengal region and south India both dry sweets and milk-based sweets are prepared.

Regardless it is in northern India or in south India, change of lifestyle is one of reasons nowadays foods and desserts are cooked in different ways and instead of calorie rich homemade desserts, people nowadays prefer to have different types of pastries, cakes, ice-creams, which are available readymade and takes lesser time to bring home.

How to celebrate dussera this year?

Dussera will be celebrated a few days after all over the nation. Once again justice will triumph on evil and light will conquers the darkness of malevolence.  So it’s time to plan your Dussera with full vigor and integrity. It’s time to decorate your home, get dressed to reciprocate festive ambiance and plan for a delicious feast for all your family members. This is a festival of light and extending your hand to your friends and family to make a unique bond to stay united.

During Dussera, it’s time to arrange some tasty delicacies in your menu. Prepare homemade laddus and and barfis. Along with you can order for good quality cakes; those are on non-veg diet, may try for eggless cake. You can try different types of cakes for your family members according to their preference like chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, regular cakes, Barbie cakes for kids, etc. Keep on smiling and enjoy the blessings of staying between friends and family while enjoying Dussera with its best festive vibes.

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