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Diwali Celebration 2017: arrange a grand feast of light, laughter, and tasty foods

Diwali is also known as Deepavali. As implied by name the “Deepavali”, it is the festival of diya (deep) décor, and lights. This is a Hindu festival with a universal significance that light is the ultimate winner on all darkness and evil. The date of Diwali changes every year and it is decided depending on the position of the moon. In the year 2017, Diwali will be celebrated all over the nation on Thursday, 19th October. The festival of Diwali is enjoyed and observed by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all across the world.

The historical significance of celebrating Diwali

Diwali is a 5-day festival. According to Hindu mythology, after Ravana badh, Rama came back to Aodhya and all Aodhya residents decorated their house with diya and flowers. All the décor was meant to welcome the king and the queen from their exile after destroying the evil power of Ravana. Overall the ceremony signifies the universal law of destroying evil by good and justice. For some Indians, Diwali is the ceremony to worship Devi Laxmi who blesses her devotees with prosperity and wealth. In some part of India goddess Kali is worshipped as it is believed that she can destroy all evil and darkness. In both the ways Diwali is all about good and victory over evil and wicked.

How the festival is enjoyed

Diwali is the festival of light and it is also known as Deapavali as we celebrate the day by decorating our houses with lots of lights(diyas, candles, fancy bulbs), enjoying fireworks, playing with crackers, and doing lots of social merrymaking.  People spend time in performing prayers, calling friends and family in home and celebrate together to enjoy the real vibes of this festive day. In North India, homes are decorated with colorful Rongoli to celebrate the good vibes of the joy of Diwali. We do worshipping of our deities, decorate our whole houses with flowers and lights, and we call our friends and relatives and enjoy good times together.

During Diwali, we arrange feasts of desserts, sweets of different colors and flavors and different types of tasty foods to celebrate Diwali. In some instances homemade sweets are made but nowadays preparing sweets and desserts for all friends and relatives can be hectic. To keep the tradition on, therefore often people buy quality readymade sweets and desserts from reputable shops and deliver to friends and family members’ houses in gift box.  This professional arrangement helps in saving time and maintaining quality in sending Diwali gifts and good wishes. Presently, different types of cakes and chocolates are sent through gift boxes as these items can be sent without the risk of leakage or spillage. is one of the most reliable and buyers-friendly online sweet and cake shops that is ready to serve best quality cake, dry sweets, quality flowers, and chocolates for your friends and relatives, who are geographically away from you, but you, wish to send them heartiest Diwali greeting and gift. Browse to check the amazing inventory of dry sweets, cake, chocolate, and other gift items for planning your Diwali gift. Celebrate Diwali with all friends and relatives with and stay happy!!